Bluespark Pro + Boost Vauxhall CDTi Diesel Performance & Economy Tuning Chip Box

Bluespark Pro + Boost Vauxhall CDTi Diesel Performance & Economy Tuning Chip Box
Bluespark Pro + Boost Vauxhall CDTi Diesel Performance & Economy Tuning Chip Box
Bluespark Pro + Boost Vauxhall CDTi Diesel Performance & Economy Tuning Chip Box

Bluespark Pro + Boost Vauxhall CDTi Diesel Performance & Economy Tuning Chip Box

This is a listing for a Bluespark Pro + Boost diesel tuning box, to fit. Our premium tuning boxes offers unrivalled performance for your vehicle. This diesel chip uses high speed digital microprocessor technology to deliver the best power gains possible.

It uses dynamic mapping designed around specific vehicle models to ensure that the fuelling is always correct for your vehicle. The Pro diesel chip is an'all in one' tuning box, programmed with 5 adjustable maps to increase power, torque and economy. Our tuning modules come with software designed and set up specifically for your engine; we do not provide generic one device fits all tunes as many other companies do. Unique Boost Sense + Rev Sense features for maximum torque, clean emissions and DPF compatibility. Boost Control for excellent torque & power and low EGTs.

5 User Selectable Power Curves to suit your requirements, ranging from economy mode to all out performance. Fine Tune Adjustment to provide the exact performance that you need or to optimize fuel economy.

Weatherproof Aluminium Casing to keep dust and water out in an under bonnet environment. Using our unique Boost Sense feature combined with Rev Sense RPM detection, fuelling accuracy is vastly improved over tuning boxes from other manufacturers.

This accuracy improvement allows our units to make the maximum torque possible whilst remaining 100% DPF (particulate filter) friendly. Conventional tuning modules without Boost Sense cannot accurately transition between off-boost and on-boost fuelling. This causes black smoke (particulates) to be created when the turbocharger is not producing boost. Most tuning boxes either allow this to happen, clogging your DPF or reduce the level of fuelling which in turn means that the engine will not make the optimum level of torque.

The Pro+Boost will provide your engine with the maximum level of torque whilst retaining clean emissions and therefore excellent DPF compatibility. The Pro+Boosts Boost Control will alter the amount of turbocharger pressure available to the engine to keep AFRs (air to fuel ratios) relatively consistent.

This allows clean combustion; excellent torque and low exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). Maintainign low EGTs is useful when running a high level of tune particularly for vehicles that are under heavy loads such as those used for towing. This prevents components from overheating and causing reliability issues. What is a Diesel Tuning Box? Once fitted, our tuning modules aim to give you more usable power and much more available torque.

As a by-product of this your turbo lag will be greatly reduced making the car much nicer to drive. The additional torque also allows the car to pull better at low revs which means that you can be in a higher gear more of the time, reducing fuel consumption by around 10% on average. The additional torque will be of great assistance if you tow a trailer or caravan.

Telephone Support & Free Fitting at our premises. We have years of experience and will be able to advise you on what our products can offer you and what is right for your car.

We have vehicle lookup facilities and can identify your engine details and power output from just your registration number if necessary. This also means that you can fit our units with confidence, if you have and problems you can give us a call and our support staff will be able to help. If you are local to us we will fit your unit free of charge (excludes 1.4/1.6 HDi/TDCi).

We make some of the most advanced tuning modules on the market right here in the UK. Nothing we sell is generic, and all of our modules are digital microprocessor based units, we only sell high quality products. We datalog each engine and our engineers create fuelling maps to give optimal performance for each application. What is the CR Tech 2? These are high quality tuning modules which will be programmed on an individual basis based on the vehicle details you provide.

Once this stock is gone, it's gone. Is there a better unit? Yes, we have improved upon the design of this unit and offer a Pro range which also include a boost control option which offers even further improvements in torque and future proofing in case you change your vehicle. Will this fit my vehicle? If your vehicle is in our vehicle selector then yes, the title of this listing is irrelevant to the fitment as each module is programmed and set up for the individual application. You will therefore need to provide us with details of your car with your order. The very vast majority of sellers within our price range sell analogue, resistor based, fixed tune boxes from their home despite often claiming otherwise. Our units use digital microprocessor technology and have all had extensive development to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Be weary of sellers who do not have a telephone contact number or commercial address. Our power figures are realistic and achievable. How easy are your tuning boxes to fit?

In the vast majority of cases units can be fitted (and also removed) in less than 5 minutes. All of our tuning boxes come with full colour instructions to assist you in fitting. We are always happy to help and will assist you with whatever problems you have in fitting or using our products. Fortunately unlike a remap our products are 100% removable without a trace of fitting. Will your units cause dashboard warning lights or engine damage?

Our units do not cause engine management lights to show. If this is the case it is more often than not a result of improper or incomplete installation. In these cases our team are always more than happy to help you rectify the issue. Unlike other suppliers, as delivered our units do not increase maximum fuel pressure and as such do not additionally stress your fuel pump or injectors. We have never had an incident where our units have been responsible for any engine or engine related problem.

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Bluespark Pro + Boost Vauxhall CDTi Diesel Performance & Economy Tuning Chip Box